What measures has Eyeline Trading taken to ensure regulatory compliance?

//What measures has Eyeline Trading taken to ensure regulatory compliance?

Eyeline Trading Offers Automated Trading With Personal Control!

Regulators deem programs as a security if…

● The funds of ALL investors are going to a single third party (a “common enterprise”)
where the funds are pooled;

● The profit generated is outside of the investor’s control, meaning that it is done 100% by
the third party and the investor has NO control over the profit generation in terms of, for
example, turning it off and on or stopping the activity in regard to their own funds being

● The program offers a guaranteed result.

Below are measures that have been taken by Eyeline Trading and Eyeline Business
Development to operate in a compliant manner and not be considered as a security by
the regulators.

1. Your trading funds are traded by an independent, licensed trading company.

a. The Marketing Company that manages the affiliate program and offers the
product is owned and managed by completely different people to the Trading
Company that does the trading. Different companies, different owners, different

b. The Marketing Company and the Trading Company only accept and use Bitcoin,
which securities regulators recently have stated is itself not a security.

c. Out of each $40 BTC pack, $20 of Bitcoin is transferred to the Trading Company
to be traded to generate profits.

d. There will be a contractual arrangement between the purchaser and the Trading
company to protect your trading allocation funds.

e. Regardless of what happens to the MLM, the trading allocation is safe and can
continue to be traded.

2. You are in control of your trading allocation funds.

a. There will be an ON / OFF button in the back office where you can turn on and off
the trading that is occurring. This means that each purchaser has discretion in
how their individual account operates.

b. You can STOP the trading of your capital component any time from the day you
make payment up the end of the 365 day trading period and request to have that
trading allocation returned to you.

3. Each individual account is held separately, like a PAMM account in Forex.

4. (PAMM – https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Percent_allocation_management_module)

a. Each person has their own personal account with the trading company rather
than a pooled account. Traders trade the collective total for maximum profit

5. Returns are on a “best efforts” basis… NOT guaranteed!

a. The Trading Company works on a “best efforts” basis to achieve a return of UP
TO 0.66% per day on the $20 of Bitcoin allocated from each pack.

b. There is NO guarantee of a fixed return.

The information on this page is for educational purposes only.


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