Eyeline Trading Review

//Eyeline Trading Review

Eyeline Trading is a newcomer, with an established foundation, to the Cryptocurrency MLM space.

They seem to have put the elements needed together in order to sustain a high output compensation plan. This is where other similar companies have failed.

The main offering is their “Bitcoin Trading Package” which sells for $40 USD. All packages are purchased in crypto and all payouts are in crypto. The company makes clear that by compounding returns is the optimal strategy in maximizing your returns which are up to .66% per day per package (365 day life cycle). All returns paid daily.

There are no enrollment or monthly fees. Membership has a free 7 day trial. Your account becomes “upgraded” for with the purchase of 1 package.

How does Eyeline Trading generate income to pass on to their community? First of all, Eyeline Trading is the marketing company that represents Eyeline Business and Development.

Bitcoin Trading Packages allow one to participate in these Revenue sources from Eyeline:Eyeline Trading

  1. Mining Technology (patent pending)
  2. A.I. based Trading System for Cryptocurrencies and FOREX
  3. Crypto Mobile Wallet and Exchange
  4. EyePayCard- Next generation crypto credit and debit card
  5. Crypto processing for online businesses in the gaming, casino and other industries
  6. OTC Bitcoin trading
  7. EyeCash token for the renewable energy industry (not directly connected to Eyeline Trading)

Eyeline Trading has offices in Ogden UT, Salt Lake City UT, Orange County CA, Las Vegas NV, Medellin Colombia, San Salvador El Salvador, Mexico City Mexico.

The compensation plan is based on a forced 3×12 matrix structure. Level 1 pays 1%, level 2 pays 5%, level 3 pays 1%, level 4 pays 5%, level 5 pays 1%, level 6 pays 5%, level 7 pays 1%, level 8 pays 5%, level 9 pays 1%, level 10 pays 5%, level 11 pays 1%, level 12 pays 5%. Click to see full compensation plan.

The unique thing that I found about this plan is that it pays for spillover volume! That means that volume that falls under you but does not come from direct enrollment volume, counts! You make commission on ALL volume under you. So, you’re best bet is to join up with a fast growing team/leader and as early as possible for best positioning.

Remember that since this is a fixed matrix structure, it is important to build WIDE, not deep or else you will lose commissions for volume that falls beyond your 12th level. Essentially, each person will build 3 matrices that start from your first 3 positions (front line). If you’re a builder- these 3 spots are the place to put your top leaders. For the rest of your referrals, you should just sign them up to your main account and let the matrix place them automatically into the next available spot.


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