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Eyeline Trading Update for July 31st, 2018

We have been working hard behind the scenes and have several updates to make. We are going to run our first purge at midnight Eastern Standard Time 8-1-2018. This gives everyone at least 24 hours to get upgraded.

Be sure to reach out to your team members because if you get purged you will lose that spot forever and your only option will be to re-enroll.

All members that have sent in payment but didn’t send the exact amount asked for, will be upgraded as long as they did not send more than 10% less than was required.

It is a very easy upgrade system, but you need to send the EXACT amount listed when you check out, or more. If it is less, it will not go through. It has nothing to do with USD, it just has to be the exact amount.

We are still planning on the first Matrix run being Friday 8-3-2018, and then every Friday after that. We are also very close to launching the entire ewallet showing only BTC. In addition to the ewallet payment system.

We are also getting very close to our marketing system launching, so stay tuned for great updates next week.

Again thanks for your patience during pre-launch phase.

We are super close to having everything running very smoothly, and moving from pre-launch to all out launch.

We will be deciding the official launch date and launch location within the next couple of weeks.

We will host it wherever we think we can get the most members to attend.

If you would like the launch in your home city, then get to work and show us why we should go there.

Your Eyeline Team


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